Account Management training sessions with Barbara Brown

Account Management training sessions with Barbara Brown

This March, the McFelder team welcomed Barbara Brown, Management Consultant at Positive Momentum, in our HQ in Girona for some in-house training sessions on Account Management.

During the sessions, the team reflected on their existing work processes and how these can be improved in order to deliver enhanced results and achieve their long-term goals. Thanks to Barbara’s guidance, expert knowledge and motivational approach, the team has created a definitive plan for moving forward. The sessions also focused on how to work towards growth and development, both professionally and personally.

Delivering insightful feedback on the team’s performance from an external perspective helped them reflect on their communication skills and engagement with clients. 

During the upcoming weeks, our team will continue their training and development programme online while also applying all the new skills and information they learned to their work and communication with clients.

We would like to thank Barbara for her commitment and passion throughout the training sessions and we look forward to welcoming her again in Girona.

At McFelder we are constantly striving to develop our team members, encourage them to grow and help them create the best version of themselves. What are your thoughts and reflections on training and development? Is that something you do for your teams?

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