Big agency skill. Small agency feel.

We’re McFelder Translations, THE technical translation agency for cross-border communicators in global businesses.

We give you, the marketers, sales leaders, and technical experts in highly complex and specialized industries the power to make your words work, wherever.

You’ll unlock the ability to better engage customers, inform colleagues, and inspire users, wherever they may be in the world with our first-class translation and localization expertise.

What is different about us?

Specialist Technical Knowledge

Client Data Security


Tech + people = magic

Sure, anyone can buy some translation software and hope for the best. Great if you want to just sound like a robot.

You clearly don’t. But technology on its own will only get you so far. When you properly blend tech and people is when you deliver some real Harry Potter stuff.

We make the most of cutting-edge tech but always ensure a human element is involved, so your customers, users and team members always feel like you’re talking just to them.

ISO 17100

The ISO 17100 standard was published in May 2015 by the International Organization for Standardisation and incorporates many of the requirements from the EN 15038. This standard for Translation services outlines what is required of translation service providers pre-translation, during translation and post translation.

Working in accordance with ISO 17100 means that all our clients can be rest assured that we follow an industry approved protocols to guarantee quality translations and a professional transparent workflow.

McFelder Translations is externally audited by AENOR every year to assess and verify conformity with ISO 17100.

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