A world of experience

One of our strongest qualities is being able to get under the skin of any particular industry.
Since 2004 we’ve worked hard to grasp the depth and complexity of a huge range of terminology used throughout a variety of industries.

Collaborating with only the best native translators, we make sure that your message comes across clearly and consistently – regardless of language.

Business to Consumer

From travel and tourism to FMCG – we’re very at home in the world of Business to Consumer.
Translating your brand into other languages can be a daunting task, especially if it’s for the first time. That’s why we understand that simply a ‘literal’ translation isn’t sufficient. As your trusted partner we work collaboratively to communicate not only the words, but the ‘big picture’ too.

Typical Services

✓ Website Localisation

✓ Marketing Collateral


✓ Audio-visual

✓ Brochures

Sub sectors

✓ Travel & Tourism
✓ Drinks (Spirits & Wine)
✓ Pets+info
✓ Golf
✓ Hotels

Pipper, our office puppy

McFelder is made up of a community of animal lovers and we know how much of an impact our pets have in our lives, which is why we are so passionate about working within the pet industry.

Pets play a crucial role in an individuals’ day to day life reducing stress and bringing happiness. Due to this McFelder HQ is a pet-friendly space. We believe in the power of pets!

Why stay local when you could go global?

✓ Increase & improve
Increase your sales and improve your lead generation by internationalising your marketing strategy.

✓ Engage across the world
Engage with animal lovers across the world by translating your website.

✓ Reduce & remove
Reduce your costs and remove the need for an intermediary by selling throughout the world directly from your website.

With our help you could…

  • ✓ Build your brand’s presence throughout the world.
  • ✓ Increase your sales around the world.
  • ✓ Target specific markets with bespoke marketing campaigns.

Have a translation project that you require assistance with?