Tech Savvy (and more)

We continually invest in the technology we use to support our translation and customer service activity.
Machine Learning, AI programmes, intuitive project management tools. They’re all part of our tech stack that speeds up and increases the accuracy of what we do. But tech isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to translations. There is and will always need to be a human element involved – no matter how sophisticated the bots get.


Fast, secure and easy to use, REACH is an online portal that helps our clients manage their translation projects.

It offers a streamlined approach to tasks such as, placing orders with us online, reviewing invoices, direct contact with their Project Manager as well as exchanging files via a protected FTP.

Access Reach here


See an overview of all quotes, order confirmations and invoices.


Interact directly with your dedicated Project Manager through the secure portal.


In just a few clicks you can get a quote and create reports.

Deep technical know-how

Every translation project is managed via a translation platform which supports the respective language team of translators and reviewers. This means that clients’ documents are not sent out to respective language team members, but kept safely in our system for translators to log in and work on.

Clients can directly use the online editor facility to modify and amend the live translation in situ which significantly reduces the amount of project management resource required to manage the internal review process. This varies from company to company.

The project management platform incorporates Translation Memories and Termbases to reduce cost, maintain quality and optimise efficiencies.

Automated Translation – Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Using powerful AI technology, NMT is able to process vast amounts of text and actively learns as it works – meaning continuously improved accuracy.

Although it’s definitely faster and more cost effective than traditional human translation, we offer two tiers of post edition which use humans in order to get the best of both worlds.

We’ve seen what the future of translation looks like.

We know how man and machine need to combine to deliver what you need. And we’re perfectly placed to help take you there.

WordPress Integration

If your website has been built in WordPress and needs to be translated, the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) is a plugin that allows you to send pages from your business’ website direct to us.

If you are a new client WPML will provide you with a list of translation services on the translators tab – just find ‘McFelder Translations’ to connect with us. Then connect your WordPress site to your WPML to your WordPress account to authenticate.

Once your website is authenticated, go to your WPML Translation Dashboard, place the contents of what you’d like to be translated into your translation basket, what languages you would like to translate them to and send them over to us.

Best Practices

We understand that new technology can sometimes be seen as a bit of an unknown – that’s why we’ve gone to every length to ensure that the systems we use are safe and secure.

Any documents that are sent to us are stored on our server within our REACH portal, which is SSL-encrypted. In addition, the file systems are located on virtual servers which are isolated from public access through a double firewall system as well as Kaspersky Security Center Enterprise.

Every project is treated with the utmost confidentiality – this is a given.

However, clients can take extra satisfaction in the fact that all our employees and translators sign a confidentiality agreement or additional NDAs if necessary.