Automated Translation – Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Using powerful AI technology, NMT is able to process vast amounts of text and actively learns as it works – meaning continuously improved accuracy.

Although it’s definitely faster and more cost effective than traditional human translation, we offer two tiers of post edition which use humans in order to get the best of both worlds.

Full human post-editing

Accurate, comprehensible and stylistically adequate – this option uses NMT and a human touch to render a translation that’s indistinguishable from something that’s been written from scratch by a translator.

Light human post-editing

We recommend this option when the final text is not for publication but simply to render the main idea of the content. Style is not important in this case, just that the final product is comprehensible and accurate.

We’ve seen what the future of translation looks like.

We know how man and machine need to combine to deliver what you need. And we’re perfectly placed to help take you there.