Technology First

We continually invest in the technology we use to support our translation and customer service activity.
Machine Learning, AI programmes, intuitive project management tools. They’re all part of our tech stack that speeds up and increases the accuracy of what we do. But tech isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to translations. There is and will always need to be a human element involved – no matter how sophisticated the bots get.

How does it work?

Fast and effective online ordering but with a human touch via your ; dedicated Project Manager.

Best Practices

We understand that new technology can sometimes be seen as a bit of an unknown – that’s why we’ve gone to every length to ensure that the systems we use are safe and secure.

Any documents that are sent to us are stored on our server within our REACH portal, which is SSL-encrypted. In addition, the file systems are located on virtual servers which are isolated from public access through a double firewall system as well as Kaspersky Security Center Enterprise.

Every project is treated with the utmost confidentiality – this is a given.

However, clients can take extra satisfaction in the fact that all our employees and translators sign a confidentiality agreement or additional NDAs if necessary.