Services provided: Technical translations, revision

“McFelder Translations provides us with translation services in which we have absolute confidence due to their rigor and efficiency…”

The Client

As one of the leading providers of medical apparatus, OpGen bear a great amount of responsibility in what they do. Very much at the vanguard of the healthcare industry, their equipment and research helps fight the rising crisis of antibiotic-resistant pathogens that infect millions around the world each year. To say their work is important would be somewhat of an understatement.

The Challenge

Unfortunately for OpGen, the seriousness of their work was being undermined by translation services that, simply put, were not up to standard. As with any of our clients in the healthcare industry, technically accurate translations can be a matter of life and death. As far as we’re concerned, this demand should go without saying and anything less than total accuracy is not acceptable.

We were recommended to OpGen as trustworthy translators with a track record of experience in the biotechnology sector. So, with a shared high standard in mind, we selected specialist translators with a working understanding of niche terminology used in the world of microbiology. The idea being to mitigate against any awkward words or terms that might come up.

For example, ‘clusters’, a commonly used term that applies to pathogens, is often mistakenly translated to ‘bunch’. The latter is more associated with fruit (‘a bunch of grapes’) and simply doesn’t work in our client’s context.

The Result

Our offering resulted in a range of long and short-term benefits for our client at OpGen. Like them, we also use technology to our advantage, and quickly set up ‘translation memories’ for commonly used terms (like the above example). This meant that we instantly maintained quality and consistency – not to mention completed individual projects in a shorter space of time, which in turn offered a financial saving for our client.

We even handled design responsibilities so that OpGen’s network of distributors who (cover eight different countries), were armed with professional, localised marketing materials and product literature to demonstrate the OpGen brand and their mission in the best light possible.

In the long-term, OpGen benefit not only from our insightful translation skills, but the fact that they can trust us to support them in their role in the healthcare industry. We provide a much smoother and more accurate overall experience than our client was previously used to. Our familiarity of the sector, customer-oriented attitude and capacity to satisfy each and every one of their translation needs has seen our relationship go from strength to strength.

We’re delighted to be supporting the translation needs of the Life Sciences sector

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