Howden Thomassen Compressors B.V.

Services provided: Translation and revision, desktop publishing, subtitles.

“We have a dedicated Project Manager and the service is fast so I’m very content with that.” Having been Howden’s vendor of choice for well over a decade now we’re delighted to continue this long-running relationship.”

Not everyone knows the difference between Centrifugal and Reciprocating Compressors – but almost everyone will rely on the kind of technology that uses them. This just so happens to be Howden’s area of expertise. Having been in business for over a century now, they boast an unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience in the sector. Their ongoing mission is to bring about a more sustainable world through their service to their customer base which spans over 100 countries.

Looking for a translator that’s not afraid to get technical? We already speak your language, so why not…

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