Food Safety Translations

The Challenge of Technical Language

Food safety translations are rarely simple or straight-forward. Rather, words such as: “niche”, “complex”, or “intricately detailed”, do a better job at defining this all-important world. Accuracy is, of course, crucial to all translating work. However, the with the food safety industry, the stakes are much higher: the difference between good & bad localisations, is the health of the consumer.

Without a deep understanding of the relevant science — something that our translator network has in abundance —  sentences can be near-impossible to fathom, never mind translate. For example:

“This is supported by studies with broilers fed a pelleted diet containing ground wheat supplemented with whole wheat grain and infected with S. Typhimurium exhibiting lower Salmonella levels in their gizzards and ilea concomitant with lower gizzard pH levels and decreased levels of Clostridium perfringens compared to birds not fed whole wheat grain.” Source

Sentences such as the above, are a clear demonstration of the need for specialist translators. That’s exactly why we ensure that our translations are always air-tight, informed and in-line with industry regulations.

Our Globally Renowned Clients

Globally renowned clients, one such is NEOGEN, have all benefited from our technical food safety translations. NEOGEN has the following praise:

“We transitioned from in-house translation to using McFelder and it could not have been a better choice. The team is reliable, efficient, and always provides quick solutions for any issue we have. We now use McFelder for our global translation and are extremely happy with their work.”

You can read more about exactly why they, and other globally-renowned companies, are so pleased with our work over on the Success Stories section of our website.

Document Translation and Specialisation

So, how does our experience in the food safety sector measure up to the overall complexity and expertise that comes as part and parcel? Well, thanks to the multitude of different tasks we have had the pleasure of working on, we are well versed in the pitfalls of this world. A few examples of projects we have helped with are:

Instruction manuals
Software localisation
Product Literature
Videos, press releases, articles, and exhibitions
Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

You’ll find a full list of our services, here.

Specialist Food Safety Translation Services

The ‘Food Safety’ industry covers a huge range of disciplines and services – what about translation services for those specialist sub-sectors then? We are well aware of those little nuances that exist in each; what works for husbandry may be completely inappropriate for GM. From apparatus suppliers like OpGen, to food and animal safety solution suppliers like NEOGEN, we’ve got it covered.

McFelder is lucky enough to boast a broad range of know-how within the food safety translations world, including:

Food contamination
Food labelling
GM Foods
Food manufacturing practices
Animal husbandry practices

Why Choose McFelder?

It’s not just the sheer scale of our experience with food safety translations that sets us apart, there are many other reasons to choose us as your trusted translation partner. For example, we have ISO 17100 Quality Accreditation and a streamlined process that allows for speedy turnaround times, too.

That’s not to mention the investment we’ve made into new technologies (such as AI and Machine Learning) which allow for added efficiency and a bespoke approach to pricing. Our clients also enjoy the benefit and familiarity of having a dedicated Project Manager for all their projects.

Keen to discuss your Food Safety translation needs? So are we! Get in touch to speak with a member of our team and get your free quote.