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Translation services

McFelder Translations has more than 10 years of translation experience collaborating with some of the world´s largest global companies. A fast growing company that has fully optimised translation processes and bespoke solutions for every client. Quality accredited in the International Quality Standard ISO 17100 guarantees that we always deliver high quality translations.


Translation of business documentation

McFelder Translations is responsible for the delivery of high quality projects for all types of documentation. We ensure that your message is international; not only expanding outward, but it arrives directly to your target audience. We understand the importance of internationalisation for your company and we deal with each and every one of the processes to make it as comprehensive as possible, without neglecting the characteristics of each language and culture. Want to know the list of languages we work with? Go to our languages page.

Experience and expertise

Translations are conducted by native translators who will also be specialists in the field. Our translators must meet our rigorous selection procedure, which calls for an internationally recognised translation accreditation as well as sector specific expertise and a minimum of three years of working experience within that sector. The translated text will also be proofread by a second native translator to ensure maximum quality control. The project manager will also review the text and ensure it is fully edited and formatted prior to final sign off. By selecting the best qualified translators to work on your text alongside the technical experts, McFelder delivers a skilfully revised product to you on schedule and on budget.

Best price guaranteed

A translation quote is provided for every assignment once we are have received the documentation. The key factors are:

  • Volume of the text (total number of words)
  • Languages required
  • File format
  • Delivery date
  • Translation quality required
  • If DTP services are also required

If a sworn translation is required this will generally be calculated by the cost per page. For very small translation projects a minimum fee may be applied.

We can tailor a price package to take account of individual circumstances (e.g. regular small projects, high volume work or revisions to previous projects) to give you a competitive quote.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Audiovisual Services

Global communication does not only require the translation of the written word. Companies now use a variety of communication platforms for different purposes, be it: sales, marketing, customer training, employee training, internal communications and human resources. There is an increasing demand for the translation of the spoken word either in the form of subtitles or voice-overs.

McFelder cares for all audiovisual needs: subtitling, dubbing script, narration, DVD menus or timings. The naturalness and creativity are decisive factors in carrying out this work. And we have that in mind.

voiceover1_350x231Videos are being used more and more in the corporate world as the preferred way to communicate with both clients and employees. For many international companies, the CEOs now use video as their primary communication medium but just producing the video in one language is restrictive and will alienate a large percentage of employees within an international organization.
For multilingual voice-over assignments, McFelder collaborates with mother tongue professional voice-over artists who record the voice-over in a professional sound studio and the recording is managed by a dedicated sound engineer. The voice-over artists study the original recording and reflect the correct intonations required. After the recording has been completed the audio file is then overlaid onto the original sound recording in the video. The timings of each frame of the video are carefully monitored to ensure that the voice-over is not too short or too long.
Our database of professional voice-over artists is diverse and incorporates all the different client requirements: male, female, regional accents, older/mature voices, younger voices, etc.
subtitling6_350x301Subtitling is the use of the written word to translate the spoken word from one language to another. Subtitles must be synchronized and appear on the screen as the words are being spoken. Depending on the languages involved it is often necessary to reduce the length of the translation in order to meet both the space and time limitations per frame. A corporate video with the aid of subtitles will therefore have an international reach rather than to just the English speaking clients, for example. Subtitles are a cost effective option to produce several multilingual videos that can reach your global target market.
At McFelder, one of our project managers will revise the subtitles to check that they meet the space and time limits per frame. Specialist subtitling software is then used to insert the subtitles within the video.
transcription1_350x234Files can be provided in an audio format by the client but they may not have the script. In this case before we can provide subtitles or voice-over services, we must create a transcription of the spoken word. This is done by carefully listening to the sound recording and then writing down the script. When the text is transcribed from an audio file, the timings of each stage of the recording are also noted. Care must be taken to ensure that the transcript is synchronized with the timings in the source language.

McFelder offers multilingual audiovisual services to cover all your global communication needs

We are happy to discuss any Audiovisual requirements that you may have. We can help you decide what services you might need and how to match your budget expectations.

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Why translating your website is more important than ever

Not every business requires a multilingual website but any companies looking to extend business outside of their national markets must be able to communicate internationally.  In some cases, possibly only one language may be required, or several languages but with the translation of some key landing pages rather than a complete website translation. Whatever your needs we can advise on the best solution that meets your business objectives.

Websites are a critical marketing tool but websites are not only accessed on computers, laptops and tablets but increasingly via mobile devices such as smartphones. More people than ever have access to your website so now is the time to widen your target market. By simply communicating in more than one language you can drastically expand your new business opportunities. A high return can be obtained for a relatively low investment.

A recent mobile industry review paper has stated that the number of unique mobile users exceeded 50% of the world´s population as of September 2014. This means another 200 million new mobile users this year.  These figures are only set to increase year on year.

Faster connections and download times means that accessing the internet and information has never been easier.

If for whatever reason you decide to translate your website we at McFelder provide a free website consultation service so that we can discuss your exact requirements and provide recommendations prior to starting the project. You may only need one foreign language translation or decide on several from the beginning. In other cases you may decide to translate sections of the website not every page. Whatever you require we will work with you to find the correct solution to meet your business objectives as well as your budget.

Our project managers and in-house developers can liaise directly with your web developers and together we can decide on the best way forward.

We can propose the best method to obtain the web copy for translation and the subsequent incorporation of the translated text back into the website. There are a few different ways that this can be done but this will depend very much on your website architecture.

Some examples of how website localization can be done:

  • Web copy can be extracted into an Excel column format where the translated text is placed into adjacent columns. The completed translations can then be imported directly back into the website.
  • The web copy can be accessed via the Content Management System and translated directly into the CMS format.

Multilingual design studio

McFelder Translations has a dedicated design studio and designers for the translation of all artwork. All desktop publishing and foreign language typesetting is conducted in-house.

Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools support the translation of text by the translators directly into artwork files such as Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator) or QuarkXPress. There is no requirement for texts to be removed from the design formats for translation. The translators can then apply the relevant TMs to ensure quality control and consistency with respect to terminology and style.

McFelder can translate directly into the design files using CAT tools. The translator types the translation directly into the artwork template. After the translation and revision has been completed our in-house design team will edit and format the artwork as per the original format. The majority of our translation assignments include this type of file format and as a result we are very experienced and familiar with the different challenges that can occur with the incorporation of the translated text into the artwork. These challenges cannot be readily resolved by a traditional artwork agency that does not have the experience or knowledge of the specific languages or fonts. The types of difficulties are, for example:



  • Use of CAT tools
  • Only one supplier for whole process
  • Your Content Goes Here
  • Shorter timescales



  • Knowledge to resolve typesetting difficulties
  • Eliminates errors from traditional design agency



  • Terminology consistency via TMs
  • Sign off by translator prior to release to client

Editing and proofreading services in all languages

  • As part of our standard translation workflow all texts are revised by a second, native translator to ensure maximum quality control
  • In some occasions translated texts supplied by the customer can be revised and edited by request in order to ensure maximum quality. The text may have been translated internally but requires to be revised by a translation professional.

Editing and proofreading services

Language Interpreting Services

Simultaneous and Conference Interpreting

Language interpreting services

  • Events include international conferences, scientific symposia (chemical and pharmaceutical industry), business and governmental meetings
  • McFelder Translations offers Simultaneous and Conference interpreting services
  • Database of professional conference interpreters : manage highly specialized subjects
  • Excellent project management skills to co-ordinate all aspects of each assignment
  • Co-ordination of the national or international travel of the interpreters in order to attend the event as well as managing accommodation requirements