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Why choose McFelder as your translation provider?

To entrust your global communications to an external supplier is a big decision and one you cannot afford to get wrong. Our clients have been collaborating with us for many years and the majority from the very beginning of our company’s foundation. At McFelder we consider our relationship with clients as a partnership where we assist our clients so that they can excel in their area of expertise, including in some highly specialized fields. Whether this involves website localization, new product launches, E-learning programmes or legal contracts, we are able to assist our clients in any and all of their translation projects.

We offer quality accredited translation procedures and controls which ensure that all projects are delivered on time; our commitment to languages enables your business to be the market leader in whichever sector you operate in. Our team of native (and human) translators have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and consists of the foremost professionals in the sector.

We are specialists in translation to and from the following languages: European and Scandinavian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu (among others). We work with every type of format and while our rates reflect our quality we offer competitive prices. We assure you that our translation services will be the most convenient for you, both on a technical and economic level.

That is why we are the preferred language service provider for many companies.


Languages without limits. We translate to and from all languages and cultures.

A one-stop solution to all your language needs

Our global network of native, specialist translators ensures that we can always respond to your specific language needs. We are committed to meeting all your global communication needs anywhere in the world.


Quality approved translation procedures that incorporate the use of the latest CAT translation technologies (Computer Aided Translation) by human translators.

CAT technology and design tools

Optimised translation workflows that deliver high quality, competitive prices and a fast turnaround. We also translate directly into design artwork such as websites, brochures and newsletters as standard.


Quality certified (EN-15038) company which delivers; we meet all of our clients’ expectations. This makes us the preferred translation provider for multinational companies.


All documentation is treated as confidential. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) can be applied in addition if requested by clients. Confidentiality and document security form key elements of how we operate.


We guarantee total transparency in our quotes. Competitive pricing and bespoke solutions ensure total customer satisfaction.

Each translation project is unique

We offer you a personalised quote. We offer you the best prices for every type of translation project you require.

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