Why Isn’t Google Translate Enough for Your Global Business?

Free translation tools have grown in popularity, and millions use them worldwide. There are no better programmes to help you get across simple notions and queries when speaking as a tourist. These tools can be helpful in your personal life. But you should avoid utilising it to represent a company or communicate with employees or customers. Using free translation tools in a professional setting can cause irreparable damage to your company’s name. Poor translation has failed many international expansions. Inappropriate product names or miscommunicating to a target audience are some causes. For example, in January last year, a Virginia Department of Health reportedly used Google Translate to translate its coronavirus FAQs into Spanish. In this case, rather than stating “the vaccine is not mandatory,” the free translation tool provided “the vaccine is not necessary” as the official advice. A mishap like this when the US Government faced a massive struggle in getting all groups of its population vaccinated was a major setback. We understand why they are attractive tools to use, not just because they are free but also fast. However, translation agencies excel in a quick turnaround for clients because communications are crucial in business.

One of our earlier articles, Why is Google Translate Inaccurate? discussed the inaccuracies with the free online tool. This article delves deeper into why these translation tools are not enough for your global business.

Translation Requirements in a Global Business

Translators play a critical role in global business. They improve international communication by accurately transmitting information from one language to another. Thus, multinational companies need a specialised supplier they can trust. Yet, some international companies do not prioritise professional translation. So, where is translation required in global business? Businesses need professional translation in many parts of their operations. Yet, we still see business owners discovering, the hard way, that they are missing out. So, a global business needs to translate internal and external material by a professional service. International brands cannot afford to undermine the importance of these translation requirements.

Many companies reduce these translation costs by working directly with freelance translators, which is more than adequate and works for both parties. Unfortunately, it often fails when the project involves the translation of a document into many languages, which is where a specialised agency provides added value to the global business.

What Clients Need From a Professional Translation Service

According to research, 65% of global consumers prefer content in their language. So, it emphasises the importance of multilingual translations for all sectors. Furthermore, it highlights that technology alone is never enough to change words into a different dialect.

But what do clients needs to make this professional translation relationship work?

They need us to take care of every aspect of the project from translation, revision, artwork and most importantly, to deliver high quality translated communications on time.

At Mcfelder Translations, we work on the premise of being a translation partner to the client to facilitate the creation of seamless global communications to either their internal audience (employees) or external audience (clients).

As a partnership, we have a close client relationship to understand their products, services, brand, key clients, and more. We also continue to develop our unique selling point (USP), specialising in technical translations. Meaning we work with our clients to understand the terminology and use modern technologies to help them clients build a global audience.

Professional translation services are essential to enhance your brand’s visibility. For example, professional translators know international wording and phrases. This understanding means customers feel more at ease when provided information translated in a style that suits them. Customers will then spread the word about the company. Then, your company will enjoy increased worldwide brand visibility and an enhanced reputation.

Looking Beyond Google Translate

If you want to be a successful global business, you must look beyond free translation tools. Finding the right language specialist for your business and market may take more time and effort. Yet, the rewards will be worth it. It may be more expensive than typing phrases into tools like Google translate. But you can rest assured that you’re communicating in the right way and not upsetting your target market. Take the time to identify the ideal translation partner. Then, you will notice an improvement in skills and the quality of communications.

We provide high quality, accurate translations – but we don’t stop there. Additionally, we tackle every job with the global growth of our clients in mind. No matter the size of the project, we’ll find a competitive price package that works for you. If you need translation services, please get in touch with us.

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