Translation Management Internship: A Q&A With Tiffanie Wattelle

Firstly, tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Tiffanie Wattelle. I am 21 years old and I am French. I am currently doing a Masters in Translation and Interpretation at Lyon. I have been completing a 6-month translation management internship at McFelder since January 2021.

What made you decide to come to McFelder?

I knew of McFelder thanks to the network of my school. I chose McFelder because it is a small company, so I knew I could have the chance to discover and learn many things (far more than in a big company). Moreover, the offer was to work as a project manager and I really wanted to discover this aspect because I had not yet learned about such a role during my studies (How can I manage a translation project? How does it work?). Also, I did not want to spend 6 months just translating texts!

What is your role here at the company?

We can say that I am an Assistant Project Manager. I help the other project managers with their work. I do the final quality checks and the formatting of the translated texts. I also send emails to translators/proofreaders if there are any problems or questions regarding the project. I don’t have my own clients, but I mainly work with the Project Manager who takes care of ESAB, which is certainly our biggest client. 

What have you learned thus far?

Since joining McFelder, I have learned a lot. As it is a small company, I have been able to learn from each Project Manager and even have spoken to Vendor Managers to get to know more about their job. I learned about myself, what I liked, what I want/don’t want to do in the future. I especially learned how to react when faced with problems with clients/translators; I think my experience has made me more patient and resilient than before.

What are the most challenging aspects?

I think the most challenging aspect of a translation management internship, is to stay calm when under pressure. Sometimes, the translators don’t do what we expect, and sometimes there are very complicated requests, so the management becomes hard and it is very stressful. When we have a lot of work at the same time, the rhythm is intense and everybody is stretched. When the deadlines start to pile, it can be really challenging at times!

What are your aspirations for your future career?

I want to become an independent interpreter and travel alI around the world to discover new languages and cultures. I have one year left to finish my Masters and for my next step I am thinking about two options: I can do one more year of studies (a year of specialisation in interpretation), or I can start to work if I can find a job I like after my Masters.

How have you found Girona in general?

I really like Girona. It is quite a small city for me so I like walking in the streets, especially with the good Catalan weather. The culture here is amazing and the architecture, too. The landscapes near the city are amazing and I have met some wonderful people here. I think it is a good city for students or young adults!


If you have any questions regarding an internship here at McFelder, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. You can apply here.


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