Top Translation Tips for all your marketing collateral needs!

Selling and marketing your products or services internationally can be challenging. You need to engage with a diverse target audience, but not just geographically!

Here are 5 Top Translation Tips which will ensure you get it right first time!

    • Selecting your Language Service Provider (LSP): Can they demonstrate their experience? Select a LSP who is quality accredited and can provide Case Study references to demonstrate their specific experience and prove that they can handle all of your translation requirements.


    • One Stop Shop: no-one likes nor has the time to handle multiple suppliers who provide the same service. Select a LSP who can provide Website Localization, foreign language typesetting and Audio Visual Services. This way, they can cater to the translation needs of all your marketing collateral formats such as: MS Office, InDesign, websites and videos.


    • Foreign language typesetting: Does your company have a specific brand guideline? Your LSP should know! Provide the final, clean version of the artwork with all the related images and fonts to ensure continuity. If the corporate font does not support all languages the LSP can advise on the most suitable font to use in line with your corporate branding.


    • Client translation review: why try to fix it if it’s not broken? Often the translated materials are issued to internal reviewers such as; product or sales managers, prior to its release and publication. It is crucial that the reviewers revise the translation in accordance with the original source text. Translators cannot re-write texts or change their meaning away from the original. More often than not, the internal reviewers change or completely re-write sections of the text in their native language and as a result, the translation is not consistent with the approved text.


  • Multilingual SEO: Can your clients go directly to your website in their language? It is worth ensuring that when you translate your website you also include translations for a wide range of keywords in order to optimize SEO in every language. An experienced LSP will definitely be able to advise on how to achieve the optimum results for you!

Investing in the translation of your marketing materials is no mean feat! But if you include these 5 Top Translation Tips into your translation plan you will succeed in building stronger relationships with international clients and shareholders in no time!

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