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The Development of McFelder – Christian Feldermann

As director of McFelder since creating the company in 2004, Christian Feldermann can certainly offer a great deal of insight into starting up and directing a business. In this blog, Christian describes both his and McFelder’s journey.

Introduce yourself, what is your role?

Hello. This is Christian Feldermann, Operations Director at McFelder Translations. In terms of more about me, I was born in Madrid and went to school in Madrid up until the age of 10 followed by completing the rest of school education in Barcelona. Since I have German nationality, I chose to study for my degree and doctoral studies in Physical Chemistry and Engineering in Germany. A year at MIT in Cambridge, US followed by a postdoctoral fellow and then into the world of work in research and product development.

Can you describe your role as a Operations Director at McFelder?

I am personally very interested in technology, science and engineering. Therefore, my role as Operations Director is the perfect fit for me. Introducing and incorporating the latest technology across the board at McFelder, optimising efficiencies and introducing automation have been my key focus in recent years.

McFelder Translations’ clients are all industry leaders in sectors such as metal joining, oil and gas, semiconductors, energy and biotechnology. As a result, I am constantly learning about these sectors, products and their product developments.

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What led you to start McFelder Translations?

After years of working in multinational companies and acquiring a lot of business/management experience and product development knowledge. I was very keen to develop a business of my own, starting something from the absolute beginning. It was exciting but terrifying at the same time.


What is your specialisation?

Neural machine translation services have been added to the McFelder services portfolio in recent years. This technology has evolved significantly in the last 20 years and although not perfect, it is here to stay.

The machine learning aspect of the technology is the most exciting part since the accuracy of the automated translations increases as more and more words are translated and the bank of pre-translated texts and terminology grows per language combination.

The results of the automated translation process improve with time and this technology enables the client to lower costs without compromising on quality: a WIN / WIN.


How do you ensure an accurate and consistent approach with the work produced for your clients?

At McFelder Translations, we have standardised our procedures and workflows by use of the latest translation and project management software. Wherever possible automation has been introduced to optimise efficiencies in both the vendor and project management departments.

Recently, an online editor function has been introduced which allows clients to directly revise and edit their live translations online. For artwork this is wonderfully efficient since it means that the translations are approved and signed off by the client before we initiate the desktop publishing process.


What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Learning about what is new in the world of technology. Developing bespoke solutions for clients and learning about the different sectors and industries in which our clients operate.

It is also rewarding to work with my production team and to watch them evolve and grow as professionals.


How have you evolved throughout your career at McFelder?

This is a tough question because there is not just one answer. In summary, my evolution would be through the development of the team and my own personal development journey as a business owner.

Giving up is just not an option. Tenacity is key.


What would you say to somebody considering contacting McFelder for their translation needs?

If you want to find an experienced translation partner particularly for technical, B2B documentation look no further than McFelder Translations.

If you would like to get in touch with McFelder or request a free, no obligation quote then visit our Contact us page.


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