Silken Hotels

Services provided: Marketing translations, revision, website localisation

“McFelder Translations has earned their trust through the quality of their translations in each project, allied with professionalism and respect.”

The Client

Uniquely stunning interiors. Respectfully refurbished historical buildings. A high level of comfort and service that makes you feel instantly at home. These are just a few of the best things about what a stay with our client, Silken Hotels, has to offer. Operating 32 hotels that span Spain, Andorra and other popular European destinations, we can testify that their bold claim to be ‘extraordinary in all aspects’ is no falsehood.

The Challenge

Silken’s aim was to become the top choice of hotel for visitors seeking a high-quality stay with impeccable customer service. To us, it made complete sense that in order to achieve that, the quality of their website translation needed to reflect the impressive standards found in their hotels. Successfully translating their website into English, French and German was not just about expanding their market reach. It was also necessary to generate new business by allowing customers to book their stay online.

The second part of our role was to translate the various stages of their customer loyalty scheme, which was launching in tandem with the new website. A highly important strategic piece for Silken, we had to maintain the integrity of not only the brand but also the careful phrasing of the loyalty scheme’s interface – keeping the user experience as smooth as possible.

The Result

No strangers to the world of B2C or digital communications (specifically our considerable experience in the world of websites and software localisation) we were able to carry out our work quickly and confidently.

Making the most of our ever growing network of native speaking translators was a given. Able to quickly tap in to any cultural idioms or nuances and deftly navigate the many ins and outs of building websites, we helped our client truly engage with its audience – which in turn helped generate customer engagement and drive business. All delivered on time and within budget.

A company that’s seemingly always in a state of growth, our relationship with Silken continues to this day. From blogs to ongoing website updates we’re their trusted choice for translation services that honour the brand and truly speak to a customer base in a highly competitive sector.

Get the attention of the people who matter to your business with the help of a trusted translation partner.

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