Atlas Copco (Vacuum Technique)

Services provided: Translation and revision, desktop publishing, subtitles.

“We transitioned from in-house translation to using McFelder and it could not have been a better choice. The team is reliable, efficient, and always provides quick solutions for any issue we have.”

The Client

Founded over a century ago, active in over 30 countries and with over 4200 employees – Atlas Copco are the very definition of ‘a force to be reckoned with’. Active in various sectors from engineering to electronics, the company offers a diverse range of products and services. A key part of their portfolio is what’s known as Vacuum Technique; the design, manufacture and support of high-quality vacuum and exhaust management equipment.

The Challenge

Atlas Copco came to us with the goal of supporting employee engagement and company culture by commissioning pitch-perfect translations of all internal corporate communications. Striking the right tone is a big part of establishing a workplace culture, so we needed to make sure that their carefully composed messaging and company personality shone through in each of the nine languages we were tasked with translating in.

Not only did our brief cover a variety of languages but, as you can imagine for such a sizeable company, their internal comms cover many different mediums too. Employee magazines, presentations, internal announcements, video content and more would all need to be translated in a way that would resonate with Atlas Copco’s international workforce. Given the variety of formats that were needed (translation, revision, audiovisual translation, subtitles and desktop publishing) we’d have to employ our usual high level of organisation and a flexible approach to the translation process.

Keen to take advantage of our multi-service offering, and in turn save on time, money and worry, our client quickly put us to work.

The Result

We started with what’s perhaps the most important part; finding the right personnel for the job. Only the most experienced technically-minded translators would do and on top of that they needed to be native speakers in order to get the most culturally and linguistically accurate work. Our vendor management team quickly got to work and curated only the most suitable candidates from our extensive database of contacts.

With access to all the appropriate fonts and characters, our in-house design team would be able to get to work from the word ‘go’ – a particular point of pride for us as it’s a feature that very few other agencies have.

The outcome for Atlas Copco? A nuanced and engaging set of comms, spanning a range of different formats that they could roll out amongst their employees, confident that they’d hit the mark linguistically, culturally… and even visually. Our client was kind enough to add a glowing appraisal, stating, ‘The team at McFelder Translations are naturally more collaborative and more willing to cross departmental lines than the larger agencies. They are very easy to work with, responsive and always try to meet our very tight deadlines.

Find out how our bespoke approach to translation services can transform your business.

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