Project Management for Technical Translation: Olga Lizana

Meet Olga Lizana, project manager at McFelder. Olga shares with us her history with languages and talks about how project management for technical translation makes all the difference for our clients. 
Hello, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you…

Hi, I’m Olga, a Project Manager here at McFelder Translations. A bit about me… One of my main passions is sport. Since I was a young kid, I have been into roller and ice hockey. Lately I had the chance to get into boulder climbing, which is a much more flexible kind of sport. Another related hobby I do practice a lot in my free time is hiking. I love getting into the woods and the mountains to get some fresh air. Moreover, the views at the top of the Pyrenees are always amazing!

Apart from that, I find languages and their culture really interesting. I’m a native speaker of Spanish and Catalan. But the language that drove me into the translation world is English.

I started learning English on my own when I was around 12 and without even noticing I was able to communicate using short sentences in just a few months.

Living at the border with France, they have always taught French at my school from a very young age. That, along with other experiences in my life, has permitted me to “unconsciously” get into French language. I’m still learning more and more about its structures and culture each day.

At the beginning of my university degree I started to learn Chinese as well. It opened a huge window to the Asian world!

What sparked your interest in Chinese?

At the beginning, I knew almost nothing about China. When I chose Chinese as the second foreign language in my degree, I just wanted to learn something that was a bit beyond the ‘norm’. Something challenging.

When I started studying it, I picked up on its logic and how beautifully constructed its characters and writing system is. Further on in the degree, I discovered more about Chinese literature and arts. These two elements have definitely driven my interest in Chinese.

Can you describe your role as a Project Manager? How long have you worked for McFelder?

As a project Manager I take care of all the project management for my clients’ technical translations. We‘re here to help customers have their voices understood worldwide. We need to take care that the texts and documents we deliver always meet the client’s expectations. This means finding suitable translators for the job, organizing and managing deadlines and editing the final documents to get the translated text to be as similar to the original document as possible.

I have been with McFelder for two years in November. Time has gone by so quickly!

What lead you to McFelder Translations? How did you get into this career?

As I mentioned, I’ve always been fascinated by different languages. I have lived near Spain’s border with France for years, and as a result have had a very close relationship with that language and culture.

Following that interest, I started a Translation and Interpreting degree in Barcelona. Soon after graduating, I was looking for an internship that would grant me professional experience in the area of translation. I searched online for Translation Agencies, found McFelder Translations and applied!

Tell us about your clients, what sector are they in?

Mostly, the clients I work for are based in the mechanical and welding industries. There are some who are into electronics as well. I do work around technical and industrial subjects a lot. You end up knowing the name of every screw!

We also work for clients in pharmaceutics and even for tourism or aviation. We are in touch with loads of different sectors really – but the most extended one in our job is definitely the technical and industrial sector. And within those, the biggest one is the welding sector.

See our Industries page for more on the sectors we work with most.

How do you ensure an accurate and consistent approach with the work produced for your clients?

The key to project management for technical translation, is concentration and attention. Being attentive towards the client’s needs is crucial to performing well for them. This implies good communication with the client and translators, along with knowledge of how to be efficient. It’s something you acquire, the sort of skill that’s built up over time. Managing your priorities and paying attention to your abilities (in order to get the best out of them) always helps.

How have you evolved throughout your career at McFelder?

What I’ve noticed the most is an improvement in my managerial abilities. In this world you only survive thanks to multitasking, but multitasking is only performed correctly and efficiently in a certain way that saves time and costs. You need to be able to perform several tasks in parallel – but sometimes it’s a matter of giving all your focus to one demanding task. And with that I have learned to take profit of every minute that I’m on duty.

Another thing I have noticed during my time at McFelder is how much better my concentration is. This job is quite mentally demanding, and we always need to pay a great attention to detail. A single word can change the meaning of the whole translation, so it’s always better to have fresh eyes examining the texts!

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