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Project Description

Biotechnology translations

The Biotechnology translation sector has been a key translation sector for McFelder over the years. Broadly speaking, biotechnology is a discipline which makes use of biological processes, organisms, cells or cellular components to develop new technologies, tools and products with applications in research, agriculture, industry and medicine. We have more than 10 years of experience in the sector, with expertise in subsectors such as microbial biotechnology, molecular biology, cell biology, animal genomics and toxicology, and in products and tools such as diagnostic reagents for human infectious diseases, diagnostic test kits for food safety, assays for detecting antibodies against infectious diseases, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antigens, and immunochromatography tests.

Any errors in a biotechnology translation would have serious repercussions and could lead to the incorrect use of diagnostic test kits, for example. For this reason, the scientific knowledge and understanding of the translator is imperative. McFelder Translations is a trusted translation supplier to many companies that operate in this sector.

Only translators with scientific training have a comprehensive understanding of this type of subject matter and its linguistic challenges. McFelder’s degree-qualified translators have been screened and assessed to ensure that they have the necessary skill levels in order to competently translate purely scientific texts relating to, for example: the production of microbiological testing kits, antigens as well as analytical equipment. McFelder’s translators have demonstrable and relevant scientific qualifications coupled with a minimum of 5 years’ translation experience. Only translators with this type of profile would be equipped to translate biotechnology documentation.

Our strict selection procedures help us identify the most suitably qualified translators from our pool of specialised linguists to be assigned to each respective project. Our Project Managers also select an additional translator to revise every translation.
Translation memories (TMs) are created per translation project and per language combination and are then applied to subsequent translation projects with the specific client. If the translation is edited or modified by the client, then these changes are updated in the TM. In this way any changes made by the client are automatically incorporated into any future assignments. The TMs are then provided to the translators prior to embarking on the next project. In many cases the client has specific proprietary terminology which they require to be incorporated into the translations for terminology consistency in all languages. TMs can also be applied to reduce translation costs if the texts contain repeated text segments. In this way, the client benefits from cost efficiencies and accurate translations.

Neogen Europe Ltd has been working with McFelder for over six years now and despite the industry jargon and technical terms of our Food Safety and Diagnostic business, McFelder delivered first class translation work for our German and French Marketing needs, and always on time! We have no hesitation in recommending them.
We are highly satisfied with McFelder. The translation service is of high quality, and the delivery times are unbeatable.