Pet Sector Translations

Our pets deserve the best

In need of a translation company that specialises in the pet sector? You’re in the right place.

We can make your message communicable across the entire globe; an absolute necessity for a business with an international presence. Read on to find out more!

Our Pet Sector Translation Expertise

When transmitting information from one language to another, it is important to get the meaning just right. As our pets rely on us for everything: food, water, shelter, and medical care, our misunderstandings may cause them harm. This is exactly why having an expert translator, with a background in the discipline, is a must.

After all, if looking after our pets requires a lot of care, shouldn’t we treat the related translations in the same way?

Not only do we have a network of translators with specialist technical knowledge, we also offer sharp turnaround times, flexible pricing structures and strong familiarity with the tendering process.

Our Pet Sector Translation Expertise

Our experience in translating for the pet sector is substantial; we have serviced all types of documentation, for all types of pets.

Understanding the needs of pets and the language surrounding them is vital. As our companions, they depend on us to make the right decisions on their behalf. Such decisions can only be made with the right information at hand, and such information can only be understood globally if properly translated!

Some of the different animals we have translated for, are:

Mammalian (large & small!)

The pet sector has plenty of unique language. Whether it is advice for syringe feeding a poorly rabbit, or getting the right temperature & pH for your fish tank, animal welfare necessitates perfect translations. This is why we only hire translators with plenty of expertise in the field.

Our niches may be few, but this is precisely why we are the best.

Globally Renowned Clients

Supreme Petfoods, a world-leading brand in small pet care, is just one example of a client that has benefitted from our work. They have the following praise:

our-pet-sector-clients“Initially we struggled to find a marketing translation company that could accurately communicate our brand. Rather than one that simply translates word for word… The work that the team at McFelder has done so far marks a definite improvement in that sense.”

You can read more about exactly why they, and other globally-renowned companies, are so pleased with our work over on the Success Stories section of our website.

Document Translation and Specialisation

During our work for our clients, we’ve carried out a host of different pet sector translations. Our pets are an extension of our families, so any translation concerning them needs to be perfect to ensure their health & well-being. Some of our previous projects include:

Legal documentation
Product descriptions
Website translations
Health and Safety documentation
User Guides

Why Choose McFelder?

Whatever your company specialises in, whatever type of project you might have in the works, McFelder brings more than just industry-specific experience to the table: year-on-year cost savings; ISO 17100 quality accreditation; access to the latest AI and Machine Learning technology; scalable pricing options; and a dedicated project manager available to handle your specific pet sector translations.

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