Operating across borders

European Customer Synergy (ECS) is a facilities management (FM) service provider, operating through a unique network of European partner companies. Given that no business is the same, ECS creates bespoke FM solutions to meet the needs of clients, whilst providing added value in the form of consultancy and technological innovations.

What is a ‘glocal’ approach?

Unlike other providers, we don’t operate on a strict one size doesn’t fit all methodology, instead providing a ‘glocal’ service which is tailored to meet the differing needs of businesses with offices located in different countries and regions.

The glocal approach sees ECS delivering global solutions on a local level. In order to deliver this kind of service effectively, local staff who understand regional cultures and customs are essential. Whilst ensuring building occupants are working effectively in a comfortable environment, the local community also benefits as this approach boosts employment opportunities for local people.

Key things to consider when operating across borders

There are many things to consider when delivering FM services across borders, some of which include:

  • Local culture and customs
    Local cultures and customs differ greatly depending on where you are located in the world. No-one is able to provide a personal, quality service better than members of the community you are operating in. Forcing a set way of working is likely to conflict with the local way of life, impacting negatively on clients.
  • Local legislation
    Local legislation is something organisations operating across borders need to build into their service provision. Our vast European experience means that all regulations and legislation are adhered to, meaning that clients can spend their time focussing on business critical activities.
  • Local employment
    Facilities management as a career is sometimes perceived as a relatively new concept in some regions. Having a solid understanding of the local employment market supports ECS in attracting and nurturing the best staff.
  • Trade associations
    Trade associations are becoming increasingly important in the effective operation of the FM industry across the globe. The support of trade associations including the British Institute of Facilities Management, International Facilities Management Association, EuroFM, and the Hellenic FM Association, mustn’t be underestimated given the support they are able to provide in terms of lobbying government, reducing black market employment, and raising awareness of the FM industry.

Operating on a glocal basis has proven to be very successful for ECS, with our close network of partner companies sharing best practice regularly. This way of working allows us to deliver the best possible service, meeting and exceeding clients’ FM requirements.

For more information on our unique approach to facilities management delivery, visit: www.ecsynergy.eu

Scott Newland, Chief Operating Officer at ECS