Oil and Gas Translations

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Oil and Gas translations can often be below standard. We make this highly specialised world easily communicable across the entire globe; an absolute necessity for a business with a worldwide presence.

Our Approach

When it comes to Oil and Gas translations, the approach depends on the nature of industry factors. Often highly specialised – not to mention diverse – in terms of the systems involved, having an expert translator with a background in the discipline is a must. After all, if the process itself is performed with extreme precision, doesn’t the translated content deserve to meet the same standard of accuracy?

Not only do we have a network of translators with specialist technical knowledge, we also offer sharp turnaround times, flexible pricing structures and strong familiarity with the tendering process.

Our Translation Expertise for Oil and Gas

We’re proud to say our experience in providing word-perfect translations for such a technical world is extensive.
Understanding complex, technical language, comes as second nature to us, and has allow for the chance to engage in specialist work across a plethora of industry segments:


The world of Oil and Gas is littered with technical terminology & acronyms. Language that only an experienced individual could decipher. Some examples could be: MMCF, CAC, CCS, CSS, and CBM. This assortment of letters means nothing to a lay-individual; this is why we only hire translators with proper qualifications within this world.

Our niches may be few, but this is precisely why we are the best.

Globally Renowned Clients

Globally renowned clients such as Wood and Subsea 7, have benefited from our forensic approach to engineering translations. Our client at Wood had the following praise:

Wood Plc

We chose McFelder Translations who delivered everything to time and budget despite the mammoth task of translating into 10 languages for over 44,000 employees.

You can read more about exactly why they, and other globally-renowned companies, are so pleased with our work over on the Success Stories section of our website.

Document Translation and Specialisation

It’s not just our clients that are numerous; we’ve carried out a whole spectrum of translations within the oil and gas sector. Each of which requires its own special approach. Some of these projects we commonly work on include things like:

Technical Manuals and User Guides
Legal and Confidential Contracts and Counsel
Equipment Maintenance Plans (EMPs)
Mergers and Acquisitions
Global Internal Communications
Health and Safety Documentation (HSE)

Why Choose McFelder?

Whatever your company specialises in, whatever type of project you might have in the works, McFelder brings more than just industry-specific experience to the table: year-on-year cost savings; ISO 17100 quality accreditation; access to the latest AI and Machine Learning technology; scalable pricing options; and a dedicated project manager available to handle your specific needs.

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