My Internship Experience at McFelder during Covid-19

My Year Abroad Placement – Amelia Dixon

I’m a student at Aston University, studying International Business with French and Spanish. I joined McFelder in January 2020 for a 6-month marketing internship, after an internship in France. I applied for McFelder because I wanted the experience of working in a global business.  Also being able to practise and improve my Spanish. Once I started the job, I realised that I would be gaining a much more valuable experience than I would at any other internship. Being an intern at McFelder isn’t about photocopying and making coffee!

Marketing Internship Projects at McFelder

Throughout my placement at McFelder I have worked on a variety of different projects.

  • Manage and develop the McFelder social media accounts
  • Analysis of website KPIs
  • Creation process of brochures
  • Projects related to the new McFelder website

My job has been very varied, which I have really enjoyed. Learning about  different aspects of marketing and effective communication. Fiona gave me the freedom to create content that would engage McFelder clients. As well as creating content that I was interested in.  This has helped me to learn more about the different types of content, what media attracts different audiences, and how to make an engaging post that is relevant to McFelder.

Staying on at McFelder in Spain during the Pandemic

After two months of being here in Girona, the Coronavirus lockdown began. I made the decision to stay on placement, rather than going home. At the time, no one knew how long lockdown would last. It was a difficult decision and a scary time in my life. When I look back now, I feel like I made the right choice. Having the opportunity to work abroad for 6 months is incredible. I was determined to make the most of my time in Spain however restricted it became. Luckily, McFelder was able to remain operational, so I could continue working, which helped to keep a sense of normality. The other interns went back to their home countries, so once I had adapted to being the only one, I became much more independent. I’m very proud of my personal growth during these difficult times. The support I received from Fiona and Christian during this time was incredible, and I am very grateful to them for this.

In Summary

In September, I will be returning to university, to complete my fourth and final year of my degree. After this, my aim will be to secure a graduate role in marketing/internal communications. I feel that my internship here at McFelder has given me so many transferable skills, and a much wider span of knowledge, that will be invaluable when entering into the world of work.

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