Here’s how McFelder Translations finds the right document translators for you

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Rosa Bernabeu

Rosa describes vendor management as ‘gathering information and using intuition to build up a picture, before narrowing down the field to one or two individuals’.

Simply put, Rosa uses methods that would be the envy of the FBI, to compare, vet and select document translators to work on your projects. A keen eye for detail, a good memory and enjoying carrying out investigations are key to the role of vendor manager.

At McFelder Translations we go further than merely recruiting native translators; we have our own vendor management department dedicated to sourcing, managing and developing our pool of language talent. Of those translators who apply to McFelder Translations, only 5% make it through the stringent recruitment process.

How do you choose the right translator from 4,000?

Vendor manager Rosa Bernabeu and her assistants develop and manage the relationships with more than 4,000 native-speaking linguists worldwide.

Each time you request a translation, it’s their job to match freelancer to project, trying where possible to deploy the same team on repeat projects. We like to ensure that you have the same translators working for you across each issue of a newsletter, for continuity and familiarity.

The Vendor Management team are also responsible for managing contracts and for performance management. The quality of our talent pool makes a big difference, and any issues you raise will be addressed by Rosa who mediates to maintain standards.

What’s the most unusual language combination?

At McFelder Translations, we translate millions of words a year in over 200 different language combinations, including all the major European, Asian, American, African, Indian and Middle Eastern languages. We cover all major languages and can provide any other – please just ask.

So far there hasn’t been a language pair we couldn’t provide. Once we were asked to translate Portuguese from Cantonese for a company doing business in the former Portuguese territory of Macau. Such unusual language combinations may be hard to find, but not for McFelder Translations, even at the last minute.

While you were sleeping

Rosa and her team ensure we have coverage for all your projects, and key to this is mobilising our freelancers. They are adept at summoning a translator fast – conforming to national stereotypes Germans are quick to respond while others may take their time. Time differences mean we can be assembling a team while you are sleeping, and have our virtual team deliver for when you wake.

As well as drawing on their collective wisdom, the vendor managers use specialist software to analyse data from the McFelder Translations translator database to source the most highly-skilled freelancers. We maintain comprehensive profiles and keep a full audit trail of who has worked on which project.

We decide who to deploy based on experience, language skills and industry specialism. With the vendor managers on the case, McFelder Translations can get exactly the right translator.

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