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New McFelder Marketing Colateral

Over the past few months, McFelder Translations has been very busy.  Generating a whole new range of McFelder marketing collateral from a website to brochures, etc. Our design partner, digital marketing agency ‘Creative Corner Agency’, have done a brilliant job so we want to say a big “ thank you”!


One big task was designing and building the new McFelder Translations website. This wasn’t an easy task. Xevi took it in his stride and we are all incredibly happy with the result. Xevi continued working on our website from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, updating the design features when we changed our minds… which happened quite a few times!


The other half of our activities were design related, such as a new range of Service and Sector brochures, templates, and logos, etc. Talented graphic designer, Pol made our ideas become a reality. From Neural Machine translation to the Pets sector, Pol was able to understand exactly what our vision was and created the design accordingly. Not an easy task.

It has been wonderful to make all these projects materialise from ideas/concepts to the finished item. We have really enjoyed collaborating with Creative Corner Agency and would strongly recommend them. We have never been disappointed.

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