International Internship: Q&A with Heidi Beyer

Heidi has just completed her 6-month international internship here at McFelder. In this blog she reflects on what she has learned during that time and shared what it was like moving to Spain as a non-Spanish speaker!
What has your role been at McFelder?

I completed a six-month international Business Development internship at McFelder Translations. During this time, I covered a range of activities such as Key Account Management, Business Development within existing accounts as well as new Business Development. I was also given the opportunity to assist the marketing placement students by translating brochures and newsletters into German. Overall, I gained a lot of practical experience during my short time at McFelder.

What have you enjoyed most about your time here?

Aside from the interesting and useful training, the part that I enjoyed the most was working in an international team. Having conversations with people from all over the world with different backgrounds can be really fulfilling and I found that it helped me to improve my languages skills. During my placement I gained more confidence in communicating in English within a professional environment. Another huge benefit was the living in Spain itself but also having the possibility to travel around during the weekends.

During your international internship you must have learnt lots of new skills, could you tell us the most important ones?

I was able to improve my sales skills during this internship, but I also grew as a person.

I learned more about myself and the things I want to achieve in life. The skills I learnt for sales calls have enabled me to have better conversations outside of the work environment. I learned how to really listen towards what a person actually says. I learned how to keep a conversation going and how to ask questions the right way. Which are extremely useful skills for my daily life as well as for my future career.

How have you found living in Spain as a non-Spanish speaker?

I arrived in Spain without speaking any Spanish and in Banyoles, which is a smaller town, not many people speak English. At first this was a huge challenge, but somehow, I was able to communicate with others. I learnt some basic Spanish questions, words and phrases in a short amount of time and most of the people I met were very patient with me and they appreciated that I was trying to speak Spanish. Moreover, they tried to speak English with me even though they weren´t confident with it.

I enjoyed learning about the culture here in Catalonia, as well as in Spain as a whole. I met a lot of Spanish people while visiting traditional Spanish Festivals like the “Barracas” and I became good friends with them and ever since they have taught me more and more Spanish but also a little bit Catalan.

So what are your plans for the future?

I am returning to Germany to finish my studies at my university to get my bachelor and then my master’s degree.

The time at McFelder and the work within an international team inspired me to take care of international students who are coming to Germany as well as studying another semester abroad in the United Kingdom.

Another thing I have learned about myself, is that I definitely want to work and interact with clients in the future. I found a client facing position very rewarding.

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