How to use technology in translation to cut costs – not corners

The use of technology to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and improve quality is ‘business as usual’ across all business sectors these days.

The translations industry is certainly no exception and the first thing that often comes to mind when thinking of technology in translation is usually translations technology itself and here particularly machine translation.

As we’ve already highlighted in one of our previous posts though there is much more to language and hence translation than just words. To localise the messaging for global B2B corporations effectively it’s essential to install real cultural knowledge and awareness, creativity as well as specific strategic and marketing expertise into each and every word, which makes literal, or machine, translation a completely unfeasible option.

However, all of this is not to say that technology has no place in translation. On the contrary there are plenty of efficiencies to be made by using the latest technologies, not just for the translation product itself but for the translation process as a whole.

Technology to cut costs – not corners

Translations technology has made it possible to leverage translation memories, link the translations and design work and overall to tailor and streamline the translations management process. As such technology has brought enormous productivity gains, cost savings and quality improvements to the translations industry. In light of the many benefits it can in fact be tempting to take automation further and further.

However, as we already concluded in one of our previous posts, ultimately language is, and always will be, something deeply human. Therefore, it’s good to bear in mind that technology should never be used to cut corners and the first priority in professional translation must always be quality.

Do you need help with your translations project?

  • Whilst at McFelder Translation we only provide human translations we embrace the latest technologies in every aspect of our business.
  • Our optimized workflows are all adapted to the specific needs of every client to ensure a tailor-made service that meets all your translation and budgetary requirements.
  • We use the latest CAT tools, including translations memories and glossaries, in association with human translators.
  • We have our own in-house creative artwork team and are specialists in foreign language typesetting.
  • We’ve been helping some of the world’s largest B2B corporations and government agencies localise their marketing content, both for internal and external communications

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