Global translation projects made easy with Reach – McFelder’s new and improved translation management platform

With deadlines constantly lingering and multiple internal stakeholders to manage there’s no doubt that overseeing translations projects – whether for marketing, internal or also HR and Legal communications purposes – can be quite challenging.

So, the last thing you need is having to use multiple systems, being limited to your computer to access information, having to chase for progress or having files flying around – and likely getting lost – in email chains, when working with your translation partner.

Meet Reach
McFelder’s new and improved translation management portal

We already announced it back in December and we’re delighted to introduce McFelder Translations’ new and improved translation management platform Reach to you today.

We called the new web portal Reach as it truly stretches all areas of the translation process

  • from first enquiry to final invoice,
  • tracking project progress and generating reports, and
  • saving all communications and files together in one secure place

What’s more, Reach is extremely user-friendly, can be used by our customers globally and is available from any device.

A look inside Reach

Access all activities through your own dashboard

  • View your requests, quotes, orders and invoices
  • View all project information and communication
  • Submit new translation orders
  • Upload your artwork and document files

Take control and customise your workflows

  • Modify project names
  • Add notes or additional requirements
  • Select your required translations services
  • Prioritise projects and request delivery dates

Stay on-brand and maintain consistency

  • Create your own default settings
  • Utilise information from previous projects

Keep an eye on your projects

  • Monitor project progress in real time
  • Generate status reports on all your projects

To have a look inside Reach, watch our presentation video:

Thanks to the all-encompassing and streamlined translation process afforded through Reach we’ve been able to significantly improve on our service levels and turnaround times and we’re once more confirmed in our belief and key strategic objective that it pays to invest in technology.

To find out more about our translation management process and how it can help make your translation project a breeze, please contact us!

Do you want your Reach account set up? Do you want to get free training? Contact us to get started!