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At McFelder we have recently created a Translations Health Check. This is a quick, free, online test and once completed, you will receive your own personal “diagnosis”!

It is essential that all translations are; accurate, time and cost effective.

A translation that fits these criteria gives a company the ability to efficiently communicate and be understood correctly across countries and cultures. This makes successful translation an integral part to a global organization.

An example of the use of translation within a global company is the need for internal communication. International companies have many offices and employees around the world, all of whom need to stay in contact. If a business receives an inaccurate or poorly written translation this can have a large impact on not only the reputation of firm, but also for the internal communications team who solicited the project. To avoid a breakdown in communication it is important that all translation is conducted by a native translator, to a high quality and returned to the client in the same file format.

All organizations have deadlines to meet every single day. In the majority of cases it is the discerning factor when considering a translation project. Delivery times must be kept to a minimum whilst maintaining quality. If translations are not provided on time this can cause large delays for the project and impact negatively on communication.

When selecting a translation supplier, industry specific knowledge is essential. A translator with experience in the sector provides assurance that the document will be translated accurately and contain the correct use of terminology whilst portraying a consistent message with the source text.

Of course, translations are not only used internally but also externally. It could be argued that the accuracy of a final document is even more important when used for marketing and brand content. The text is a reflection of the organization in the eyes of the client. In order to maintain a strong professional reputation and promote a consistent brand image a poor translation is unacceptable and damaging to the perception of the firm.

Translations are an integral element to any global company. A supplier has to be efficient and cost effective and the translations have to be accurate, of good quality and on time. If you would like to check the “health” of your current translation to see if they comply with the components mentioned, complete our free McFelder Translations health check today and see how you could move forward and make your translations the best they can be!

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Rebecca Wood,
Business Development Executive at McFelder

Ruby Rodd,
Commercial Assistant at McFelder