FinTech Translation Services

Expertise is not a luxury, but a necessity.

The quality of a product or idea, means nothing if you cannot communicate your message. In a sector as complicated as FinTech, you need expert translations to go global.

Our Approach

In our experience, the key to offering effective FinTech translation services is having clear knowledge of technicality. Take the following sentence discussing “forks”, for example:

A change to the way a blockchain’s software rules define valid transactions, or blocks. Hard fork: A change to the rules that all nodes on a network must adopt, or else leave the network. Soft fork: A backwards-compatible change that hinges only on a majority of nodes’ adopting the new rules. (Source)

As with any technical world, if you do not live and breathe it, the ever-evolving jargon will escape you. A marriage between financial services & software development, both of FinTech’s constituent parts are hard to master.

This is exactly why we use only the best translators, who are rigorously & continuously tested. We also offer sharp turnaround times, flexible pricing structures and strong familiarity with the tendering process.

Sub-Sector Expertise

There are many financial processes that FinTech can help facilitate:

Banking Services
Risk Management

When making moves in these areas, it is crucial that you have the relevant text localised. After all, almost three-quarters of people are more likely to spend when relevant information is in their native language. This phenomenon is only exacerbated by the high-stakes of the Finance world.

Our Clients

This also includes a strong recommendation from our client TayburnDuring our partnership with them, we have taken on various FinTech projects. They had this to say:

fintech-translation-servicesMcFelder have always been fantastic and so accommodating. They’re like an extension of our team – nothing’s ever an issue and they’re always quick to respond. We’ve got a great relationship, there’s really nothing I can fault.

Click to read more about our ‘Success Stories’ with Tayburn and all of our other clients, and see why they are so happy with our work so far.

It’s not just our clients, however. Recognition of our efforts also extends to a requested feature on the FinTech Scotland website. Here, our Managing Partner, Fiona Feldermann McCrae, discusses the intersection between FinTech & Translation.

Document Translation and Specialisation

In terms of the specifics, we have carried out scores of differing translations; each of which requiring a slightly differing approach. Here are a few examples that we, and our network of expert translators, have serviced:

Legal translations
Website localisation
Internal communications
Press releases
Front-end application work

For more information, you can find a complete list of our translation services here.

Why Choose McFelder?

On top of our track record of proven results in the industry, we like to think there’s other appealing factors to choosing us as a trusted FinTech translation service. Such as our ISO 17100 quality accreditation or having access to the latest AI and Machine Learning technology. That’s not to mention our scalable pricing options, the year-on-year cost savings we offer and the fact that you get a dedicated project manager to handle all of your specific needs.

Unlocking your brand’s international potential is just an email or a phone call away – get in touch with one of our team to discuss your upcoming project, and get a free quote today!