Frequently asked questions

What do you need if we want our website translated?

Website localisation projects can be managed in different ways and depend on the website structure. We can readily work with your webmaster to agree on the best way to translate the web copy. This can be via direct access to the website code or the web copy can be exported into Excel formats which are then populated by the translators and then imported back into the website. We can decide together on what works for you.

Who will be my point of contact?

The point of contact at McFelder will always be a member of the commercial department.

Do we assess client satisfaction?

Client satisfaction is something that forms a fundamental part of our business and our established clients continue to collaborate with us year on year. At McFelder we always look to improve our performance and to excel in every aspect of the business. We do ask established clients to complete a short client satisfaction survey once a year and after the first project for any new clients. The results are carefully analysed and form part of our annual quality audit. The findings are then used to identify where we can further enhance the customer experience.

What happens if I am unhappy with my translation?

The client has a period of up to 10 days after receipt of the translation to advise if they are not totally satisfied. We respond immediately to any negative feedback from the client and do everything we can to resolve the complaint. The client must provide specific examples of where they do not agree with the translation and the project manager will liaise with the translator for their opinion about the client´s complaint and/or preferences. We work closely with the client to ensure the best possible outcome can be achieved and go to whatever lengths required to find a satisfactory resolution.

How are the translations of confidential documents managed?

At McFelder Translations all documents received from the client are treated as confidential. All McFelder employees have signed and work in accordance with our company confidentiality policy. The same also applies to our approved freelance translators.

For file transfer we use our secure client login system and all emails are automatically virus scanned prior to being sent.

What are the benefits to using an external agency to translate your documentation?

There are many benefits to using a professional translation agency to translate your documentation rather than translating texts in-house. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

  • A translator who has an excellent understanding of both the source and target languages, where the target language will be their native language, fully understands the subtleties of both languages.
  • Translators are trained linguists and only translate in their area of expertise. For example, a specialist engineering translator will not be translating a legal text.
  • Professional translators research around the specific subject matter of the text being translated and also have access to online dictionaries as well as their own knowledge of the sector and subject.
  • A professional translation will be delivered within the required timeframes supplied by the client unless they are unrealistic and would significantly compromise on quality.
  • In addition to the translation of the text, the process also involves a revision of the text by the translator and then again by a second proof-reader to ensure maximum quality control.
  • It is false economy to consider it cost effective to only translate texts in-house, unless the translations are being conducted by an in-house translator. Sales managers or  Commercial managers are trained to sell products or services, not to translate texts. The overall cost to the business is higher if sales and clients are neglected.