There are many benefits to using a professional translation agency to translate your documentation rather than translating texts in-house. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

  • A translator who has an excellent understanding of both the source and target languages, where the target language will be their native language, fully understands the subtleties of both languages.
  • Translators are trained linguists and only translate in their area of expertise. For example, a specialist engineering translator will not be translating a legal text.
  • Professional translators research around the specific subject matter of the text being translated and also have access to online dictionaries as well as their own knowledge of the sector and subject.
  • A professional translation will be delivered within the required timeframes supplied by the client unless they are unrealistic and would significantly compromise on quality.
  • In addition to the translation of the text, the process also involves a revision of the text by the translator and then again by a second proof-reader to ensure maximum quality control.
  • It is false economy to consider it cost effective to only translate texts in-house, unless the translations are being conducted by an in-house translator. Sales managers or  Commercial managers are trained to sell products or services, not to translate texts. The overall cost to the business is higher if sales and clients are neglected.