Business Growth through Technology

New project management platform at McFelderTechnology plays a large part in the day-to-day operations of our business. As such, investing in technology that will improve overall efficiencies and client experience has always been a strategic objective at McFelder.

In the next month, we will introduce a new project management platform that will result in:

  • Each client having their own private dashboard with a secure login
  • Stress-free management of all requirements such as requesting quotes, obtaining reports and reviewing project status of ongoing work from the dashboard
  • Each client being assigned a dedicated project manager who will manage the account
  • A reduction in the number of emails and time required to generate a quote
  • At least 10% shorter turnaround time to generate a quote from the present system
  • An inbuilt FTP site for secure file transfer and easy organisation of translations

The project management of the live projects will be enhanced by a smarter translator database system, quicker word count analysis of the client documentation and incorporation of the SDL/Trados translation management software. There is also complete compatibility with design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud. All of this resulting in shorter lead times for the client.

Clients will have direct access to all their ongoing activities via their own dashboard. The Account Managers will be rolling out the new system in the next month and introducing and training clients on the new workflow.

Training will be delivered via a short video format where we will walk clients through how to use the dashboard system.