An Internship In An International Business

I joined McFelder Translations in June 2019 for a 12-month Business Development and Marketing placement. Having just completed my second year at Aston University where I study International Business and Spanish. McFelder Translations was the perfect place to do my placement year. The USP was that I would learn about international business whilst practicing and improving my Spanish. I quickly realised there were so many other benefits to this placement.

Internship Training for International Business

From my first day at McFelder, I was welcomed by the team with open arms which made adjusting to life in a new country significantly easier. The training was in-depth. I quickly realised that there is much more to the translation industry than you may first expect. It is very forward thinking and a crucial part of fuelling and maintaining international business.

Sales and marketing

For sales activities, I learnt about how to build and maintain relationships with clients. I know these skills will be transferable for whatever career path that I pursue. As well as gaining direct sales experience, I moved into a marketing for the latter part of the placement.

Allowing me to explore my creativity and learn more about marketing strategies and techniques. One of the key projects was creating the new McFelder Translations website. The project duration was 9 months in total from start to finish. I learnt a lot about the entire website development process.

Internship highlights

For me, the  key highlight was the fact that I always felt like an important and valued part of the team. Fiona was always keen for me to share my opinions and make my own choices. There are very few placements where interns get to influence the marketing or sales choices of a company. McFelder is a great place to do a placement.

From day 1, you are treated like an employee rather than an intern. Your opinions and ideas are always valued. This approach allowed me to gain a significant amount of confidence. Gaining transferable skills will stand me in good stead for future challenges.

In summary

Although I am yet to decide what career path I want to pursue, my well-rounded experience at McFelder has helped me to figure out what roles my skillset is more catered towards. My 12 months were varied which allowed me to gain experience in many different aspects of ‘business’.

I feel much more confident about life after university thanks to the support I received from both Fiona and Christian as well as all the other McFelder employees. In the short term I plan to return to University in September to finish my degree, in whatever form that may be given the current circumstances, and graduate in 2021.

What I do know is that this experience has created a great foundation for whatever career I choose to go into. Therefore, I implore any students looking to do a placement in Spain to apply to McFelder!

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