Translation Tips to help get you ready for the Summer

  • Translation Tips for the Summer

Summers can be tricky. With so many colleagues, customers and suppliers on holiday, schedules may slip, but projects still need to go ahead.

Get your translations into shape this summer with these 5 top tips:

  1. Accept that the summer months won’t be quieter – the years when companies shut for a couple of weeks are long gone. At McFelder Translations we’ve seen a growth in the volume of projects. Our native-language translators are working on content – in more than 16 languages – for a quarterly magazine because the Summer issue can’t wait until September.
  2. Make going abroad a chance to improve your language skills, and that applies to doing business overseas. If you still only provide your website in your native language, ask yourself whether you need a multilingual website. Just translating won’t wash; you need to incorporate cultural awareness and differences in navigation styles. Not to mention multilingual SEO. If you need expert advice on website localisation – you know where to find us.
  3. While you wait for customers to get back, spend some time exploring subtitling, transcription and voiceover services. By September, instead of getting the End of Summer blues, you’ll be looking forward to showing off the new formats you’ve found.
  4. Sort out your strategy – not only website and SEO, but social media as well as video and audio channels. The summer season may not be the peak period for your business, so spend time preparing for upcoming product launches and dare we suggest, Xmas campaigns. We can help you present the right language in the right format at the right time, in no time.
  5. And finally, even the best thought-through plans need to change. That’s why we have project managers who monitor your projects and can update you on progress at any time – it’s unlikely you’ll need to check up, but if anything urgent or unexpected does come up, you can always call us.

If you do decide to take time off, we’re here to help. At McFelder our translation tips will make it easier for you to prepare for the Summer. For more information, get in touch today.