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What distinguishes us from the rest are our quality control processes
Because they work!

ISO 17100 – The Standard

This is the only quality standard that is specific to the provision of translation services. The standard requires that the following criteria are met for every translation project:

  • Translation is completed only by native translators with expertise in the field
  • The translated text is then revised by a second, native, specialised translator
  • All translators have a certificate of competence in translation awarded by an appropriate government body
  • Translators must have a minimum of 3 years of industry experience
  • Company is externally audited every year to ensure compliance



Native Translators

McFelder Translations does not provide machine translations only human translations.  Reliable, professional native translators form a fundamental part of our business.  Each translator is carefully screened and assessed prior to selection. We use different performance indicators to monitor translation quality and accuracy of all our approved freelance translators.  If there is evidence of a fall in performance then we discontinue our collaboration.  Project managers select translators based on their field of specialisation before assigning them to a project.

External Auditor AENOR

McFelder Translations is accredited with working in accordance with the International Quality standard ISO 17100.  Our translation procedures and processes are externally audited every year by AENOR (Spanish Association of Standardisation and Certification) and we have successfully passed every audit. As an accredited organisation, our company procedures form an integral part of our operating procedures which are applied to every assignment be it large or small.



Every project is treated as confidential. Everyone, if they are McFelder staff or external collaborators, signs a confidentiality agreement to guarantee maximum data protection. In certain cases we work additionally with client NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) as well.

Association of Translation Companies ATC

McFelder Translations has been a member of ATC since 2008.  ATC is a translation association that represents both translation companies and translation purchasers. ATC is based in the UK but has a global membership.