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Project Description

Marketing translations

McFelder Translations has the knowledge and experience to translate and localise multilingual marketing collateral for international business. Services that are often required for marketing projects include translation, desktop publishing (typesetting), transcription, subtitling and voice-overs.

All businesses have a marketing strategy and international businesses will implement this not just on a local but a global basis. Marketing is multifaceted and any strategy will contain several elements such as marketing communications, brand, strategy, client profiling and PR. How a company communicates with its clients and the message it wants to send are critical. It is also imperative that the message is portrayed with the same voice and meaning in all languages.

It is for this reason that marketing directors in international companies as well as global marketing agencies partner with McFelder Translations. We work closely with our clients to successfully co-ordinate the launch and implementation of international marketing strategies. It is common practise for us to work on complex, multi-lingual projects with fast turnaround times.  In some cases it can be more than 30 languages in one project.

Translators specialised in the translation of marketing texts understand the importance of translating and localising the text and marketing messages for the respective target.

Again, technology plays a role in the translation process. Translation memories (TMs) are created per translation project and per language combination and are then applied to subsequent translation projects with the specific client. If the translation is edited or modified by the client, then these changes are updated in the TM. In this way any changes made by the client are automatically incorporated into any future assignments. The TMs are then provided to the translators prior to embarking on the next project. In many cases the client has a specific company terminology which hey require to be incorporated into the translations for terminology consistency in all languages.

TMs can be applied to reduce translation costs if the texts contain repeated text segments therefore the client benefits from cost efficiencies and accurate translations.

McFelder efficiently handles the translation of our global press releases in 10 languages. It’s important that these translations be completed quickly as news announcements must be distributed in a timely manner. McFelder has consistently provided quality technical translations with a quick turnaround – often delivered ahead of schedule. This helps us keep our PR program on track.
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McFelder’s translation service was prompt, professional, friendly, well executed and good value. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other potential clients.
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