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Project Description

Legal translations

Legal translations are also a requirement for our key global clients. This could be for internal business purposes relating to human resources, employment law or for external affairs such as supplier agreements, mergers and acquisitions, Health and Safety as well as legal disputes. In addition to first class linguistic skills, our legal translators may have been practising lawyers. They have significant experience in the translation of patent documents, intellectual property, contractual agreements and technology transfers. McFelder regularly translates legal documentation where only specialist translators are used. Where the text is of a highly sensitive and confidential nature, we work in accordance with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) between ourselves and our clients.  McFelder also offers a sworn and certified translation service.

We use selection procedures to identify from our network of legal translators who are the most suitably qualified to be assigned to each respective project. The Project Manager will also select an additional legal translator to revise the translation.

Depending on the documentation type, translation memories (TMs) are created per translation project and per language combination and are then applied to subsequent translation projects with the specific client. In many cases for legal texts the files are provided in non-editable formats and in those cases it is not possible to apply CAT tools to the translation process whenever the texts are in an editable format TMs are always created.  If the translation is edited or modified by the client, then these changes are updated in the TM. In this way any changes made by the client are automatically incorporated into any future assignments. The TMs are then provided to the translators prior to embarking on the next project. In many cases the client has a specific company terminology which they require to be incorporated into the translations for terminology consistency in all languages.

TMs can be applied to reduce translation costs if the texts contain repeated text segments therefore the client benefits from cost efficiencies and accurate translations.

Certified Translation Service

We can provide clients with certified translations of their documents or certificates.

Certified Translations

We can provide clients with certified translations of their documents or certificates. This is very often a requirement for business clients who require the translation of legal and financial documents.  A certified translation will be issued along with a certificate from McFelder Translations stating our professional status and membership of the Association of Translation Companies and the European Union Association of Translation Companies and the associated stamp of approval. The certificate confirms that the translation was conducted by a professional, native translator with specialised expertise and that the translation process has been managed in accordance with the EN 15038 quality procedure.

Sworn Translation

We provide sworn translations for various purposes, for example when public authorities require an official translation of a document.

Sworn Translations

At McFelder, sworn translations are traditionally a requirement for Spanish rather than UK clients. The protocol regarding sworn translations in Spain is different from the UK. In Spain, a sworn translation can only be produced by a state registered sworn translator who is accredited and has their own official stamp. Sworn translations are only provided in the original paper format with the relevant signature and stamps from the sworn translator.

In the UK there are no sworn translators as in Spain but the translated documents have to be subsequently sworn by a lawyer or in Scotland a notary.  This does not in any way guarantee the quality of the actual translation but does deem the translation approved for legal purposes.

I began using McFelder when I became dissatisfied with the service being provided by our usual translation company, and the prices they were charging. I found McFelder’s prices to be competitive, their turnaround times excellent and the quality of their work to be top standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
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