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Project Description

Healthcare translations

Only a specialist translator can have a comprehensive understanding of the subject and its linguistic challenges. McFelder’s degree-qualified translators have the skills which are vital when dealing with the life-defining texts involved in the production of pharmaceuticals and the associated research and clinical trials. The McFelder translators have relevant medical translation qualifications and experience in working in the appropriate fields.

Any errors in a pharmaceutical translation would have serious repercussions which could lead to patients not being provided with the correct prescription instructions, for example. For this reason, the medical knowledge and understanding of the translator is imperative as well as our understanding of the related protocols and templates used for regulatory affairs documentation. McFelder Translations is a trusted translation supplier to many companies that operate in this sector.

McFelder only collaborates with native translators with the relevant knowledge to carry out such translations. Each translator is screened to ensure their knowledge and linguistic abilities in the respective sector. Translators who are scientists who have worked in the industry or field will have the knowledge and understanding of the specific terminology in order to competently translate the documentation. We use selection procedures to identify from our network of healthcare translators who are the most suitably qualified to be assigned to each respective project. The Project Manager will also select an additional translator to revise the translation.

Translation memories (TMs) are created per translation project and per language combination and are then applied to subsequent translation projects with the specific client. If the translation is edited or modified by the client then these changes are updated in the TM. In this way any changes made by the client are automatically incorporated into any future assignments. The TMs are then provided to the translators prior to embarking on the next project. In many cases the client has a specific company terminology which they require to be incorporated into the translations for terminology consistency in all languages. TMs can be applied to reduce translation costs if the texts contain repeated text segments therefore the client benefits from cost efficiencies and accurate translations.

I had tried another translation company but many of our distributors complained that the translations were so poor they needed to be completely re-written. I had the same translations done again by McFelder Translations and the process went much smoother and the distributors were more than satisfied with the results. The team at McFelder Translations were also very quick and answered any queries I had clearly and professionally. They also followed up after delivery of the translations indicating they take pride in providing quality translation services.
McFelder Translations provides us with translation services in which we have absolute confidence due to their rigor and efficiency. We have been working with them for many years now and we are extremely satisfied with McFelder’s excellent team of professionals. We intend to continue collaborating with them.
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