6 April, 2017

Localising your website is one thing, optimising it is quite another!

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Localising your website is one thing, optimising it is quite another! Regardless of the size, function or sector of your business, the internet is the most essential and powerful marketing and communications tool there is! Only 27% of Internet users speak English as their first language, 72% of c [...]

20 October, 2016

Operating across borders

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European Customer Synergy (ECS) is a facilities management (FM) service provider, operating through a unique network of European partner companies. Given that no business is the same, ECS creates bespoke FM solutions to meet the needs of clients, whilst providing added value in the form of consultan [...]

15 September, 2016

How to speak to your global audience

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In a world like todays, where technology can be found on every corner of the world, it’s important to keep up. The evolution of technology signifies the start of a generation who will always be connected at any time and in any place. Whether it is through smartphone or laptop, we are in the age of c [...]

4 August, 2016

Translation and localisation of websites and e-commerce platforms

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When a company decides to translate or localise its website or its e-commerce platform to expand its audience, it may be tempted to resort to machine translation because it is quick and, most importantly, free of charge. But as the saying goes “if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is”. [...]

21 July, 2016

Translation and technology. Man v machine – or man and machine in harmony?

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The printing press. Personal computers. The world wide web. Three major advances in technology, separated by more than 500 years – and each of them a massive leap forward for the business of translation services. The invention of the printing press made the mass creation and consumption of books pos [...]